May 28, 2008

Lindsay and William Moffitt. May 24, 2008

It was an awesome day all around. We started off at the fabulous Mary Jane's place. She is a makeup artist/ hair stylist/ portrait photographer and she is about the coolest chic in the Highlands. Yes, I have studio envy.

There are always so many details behind the scenes that make each wedding unique. So personal. Lindsay's grandmother, Liz, made her wedding dress as she did for all of her daughters, including Lindsay's mom, Laura, who passed away sudddenly in 1999. Lindsay tucked pieces of her mother's dress into her own which was made from pieces of fabric collected from trips to Europe. This photo below is taken through a piece of lace from her mother's dress.

The flowers, centerpieces and gorgeous chandelier boquet over the ceremony were done by Steve Bales and his team at Bold American Catering.

I was so excited to shoot at this venue. I met with Lindsay and Will over a year ago and have been looking forward to shooting at the King Plow Art Gallery. There were these fabulous works of art hanging around for backdrops and plenty of sky lights to let the sun shine in. I couldn't have asked for a better place.
The handsome William waiting to see his bride. It was so romantic, he held back tears as he waited for her entrance. They agreed to see each other before the ceremony and when they first laid eyes on each other, they both cried. It was so sweet it made me cry too. It's so much more intimate to meet in a place where you can express how you feel and look at each other and take it all in. Not that meeting down the aisle isn't, but there is something so tender about seeing each other for the first time when it's only the two of them. Oh, and me too but I think they forgot all about me.

One of the reasons the day ran so smooth was because of the skills of Amanda from Ashley Baber Weddings. Having a coordinator is such a tremendous asset to the Bride and Groom. She totally took charge of everything they needed.

Thank you Lindsay and Will for sharing your day with me. It was a joy to photograph the two of you. Much love to you both!

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIDESHOW.


Sissy said...

WOW!! Fantastic job Shawna!! This is by far one of my favorites so far!! Brilliant colors!!

rebekah said...

wow, that has got to be the most fantabulicious dress shot ever!!!

Six Simms Singing said...

They are all beautiful, Shawna! I tell you what, you really captured the love he has for her. It is beautiful! I'm sure the images will be enjoyed for years to come!

And the ring shot? WOW!

Nanette Storey said...

Amazing as always my friend!

birdonthelawn said...

i cannot wait....