April 15, 2008

Hanging out with my friend Carlen

Nothing replaces friendship. Nothin. It seems like the older you get, the harder it is to develop good friendships. I met Carlen about 7 years ago while working as a massage therapist at Pismo Beach Athletic Club. She also used to be a therapist until she met her husband Jim and has since become known in my book as one of the most compassionate, generous people I know. I used to bird-sit for them while they went out of town. They have 2 exotic parrots among other animals that Carlen loves and cares for. For instance, meet Lulu and Lola. They are mammoth donkeys. aka Carlen's little girls. They play games with her, throw a ball, perform tricks and play "big girl" while standing tall on a platform. She invited the kids out for a little ride and we were all entertained by their puppy dog like behavior. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon, Carlen. I miss you already!

Jim and Carlen have an absolutely beautiful home that is (still) being built. It is designed to bring the outside in and it definatly does that. They have cultivated the grounds to preserve the natural habitat, there are beautiful grasses, trails and secret gardens. A few barn owls keep an eye over the place.

After a hot afternoon, the kids didn't need to be told twice that they could jump off the deck into the pond if they wanted to.

Zoe is happy no matter what she's doing.

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