March 12, 2008

Long awaited SPRING!

It's the most exciting season, isn't it? Everyone is tired of the cold and longing to be outside. Then one day, it's here. Sunday was beautiful and new buds were everywhere. This is a peach tree on the east side of the house. Zoe was meticulously picking off little buds and walking them to the fence to set them free on the other side.

Zoe has an Elmo phone that talks to her and says her name. It's pretty funny.

Oh wonderful dirt.

Getting a ride on the mower with Dad. She thought that was pretty fun
Her first box of apple juice. Actually, it's the first time she has drank out of a straw too.

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birdonthelawn said...

i see that you are not only sick of ole' man winter but in love with budding spring too! hurrah! i miss that zoe lady