March 18, 2008

Kelly + Jon
We met up in the middle of Inman Park at an adorable little Flower Bar. Bright colors outside, 12+ vendors inside and a hurricane on the way. We had no idea. Kelly and Jon met through friends a few years ago and have been inseparable ever since. They brought along their adorable dog "Sailor" and we spent a few hours getting Jon over his aprehension to camera's. I think we did a great job and so does Jon. Yay!

It started to rain cats and dogs. Seriously. We had no idea that a tornado was about 15 minutes away but it was coming down hard so we went back to their super cute loft to wait out the storm. They have this great cement stairway that we ended up hiding out in for 15 minutes while the tornado ripped roofs off of houses only a few blocks away. It was crazy.
We couldn't forget Sophie. She was the queen of the house, for sure.

It was a very memorable day to say the least. I had a blast. Thanks Kelly and Jon. I can't wait till your wedding in September!

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birdonthelawn said...

those photos are SSSSOOOOOO sweet. I am super excited to see their wedding pics. glad you were safe with them. she is a DOLL!