February 10, 2008

Mission Complete. Photos of me.

I never have photos of me. Well, I shouldn't say "never" but it's very rare. I'm launching my new website this week and I really needed to have a few fresh pictures of myself. My sweet friend Courtney just got a camera for Christmas and wants to learn everything there is to know about photography so I asked her if she was up for a mission. Take pictures of me! So we drove around looking for colored buildings, fences, walls, anything to use for a bright background. I would set everything up with her being first and then we would change places. It was about 2:00pm and very bright outside so I bribed my daughter to come along and hold reflectors. She also had a great eye for unique walls. The black one is from an oil changing place that I would have totally missed, although both mechanics thought it would be a perfect time for a cigarette break and they practically stood 5 feet away and stared. ( We didn't stay long there!)

Oh ya, Zoe came along to and for some reason she was biting her tongue most of the day.

This is the side of a transmission building.
This is one of my favorite necklaces. I got it in Maui at a steal of $10!

Oh, and get this. It's a structure around a garbage can in the back of Burger King. I'm saying this because you don't need a studio with backgrounds to take great, colorful photos. You just need to be creative and look around.
This is Courtney. (She's taken, guys, so don't get any ideas.) I told her we could easily pass for sisters but the truth is, I'm old enough to be her mom!

Thanks Courtney! I had a blast!


Six Simms Singing said...

Beautiful Dahling!

:D I have something to share with you, but I'll email you.

You should take more pics of you!

You are beautiful and the girls will want picks of you for years to come. :)

Courtney is beautiful as always. And this only encapsulates a small portion of the beautiful things God has in her. Voice, painting, appearance, but the greatest of all is her heart beauty. I love you both!



dear shawna,
you have never looked better, more healthy or so glowing. you are beautiful, talented and I LOVE YOUR PASSION.
love, me


you once had glamour shots taken, remember? i thought in my young head that you were famous and i told people you were.
turns out my embelishment was a prophecy.
i like the blue ones and the red hat ones.

April said...

I love the NEW photos.....your friend did a great job! Your such a great teacher! I can't wait for the next photoshoot!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful pictures...I love the hat pictures, it adds so much character. And that necklace! To die for! :) Beautiful Shawna...

Sissy said...

Shawna you are absolutely GORGEOUS, darling!!! LOVE the new photos of you!!! ;)

p.s. really like the new look of the website as well. GREAT JOB!

Cecilia DeAngelis said...

Oh my goodness, Shawna!! Breath-taking!! I saw in someone's earlier post that they said you were "glowing" and I think they're spot on. You look RADIANT! If I had to choose my wedding photographer all over again, I would choose you again in a heartbeat!! Because someone that's so talented both in front, and behind, the camera, HAS to know what they're doing!! :-)