January 12, 2008


My sweet sister in law Stacey and her husband Jondavid are expecting twins after 19 years of marriage. It is a much anticipated event! She is 21 weeks along with a boy and a girl and as Jondavid told me, "God can restore a family in a moment." There have been prayers offered up for years about these two having children and before the end of May we will all get to see the answer to those prayers.
Today was their first 3-D appointment, they wanted to be able to get a good look at both babies together on the screen. They are excited about all the preparations including becoming a mini-van couple. After being in their new Honda mini van, I think that I could make the transistion myself if need be. ha ha. mina vans have come a long way!

Waiting for their turn. He makes her laugh a lot. They are still very much in love.

The session was about 25 minutes. The tech was nice and took lots of pictures.
Baby A ( girl ) is on the left and Baby B ( boy) is playing peek a boo on the right.
Baby A (girl) is giving a big smile. They don't have a lot of soft tissue formed yet so they don't look like babies as much as they will in 4 or 5 more weeks but Baby B (boy) has a well developed boy's anatomy and the tech made repeated comments on the size and comfort level at which he was showing it off to us all. ( not shown, sorry )
Yes, he is laughing and blushing a nice shade of red.

After the show we went to the very yummy Cheesecake Factory to grab a bite.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...cheesecake.........must have cheesecake..........
Lovely Hula Salad for me. ( to keep room for cheesecake!)

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So stinkin' happy for them! God is good...so good!