December 05, 2007


Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary. It seems like it was yesterday that we were married in California in the most amazing ceremony ever. I'm not kidding, I know I'm bias but it was absolutely amazing. Steve came out to California with over 20 of his closest friends and family. It was a going away party for Madison and I as well so there were a LOT of tears that evening. My wonderful friend and fellow photographer Kenny Morgan shot my wedding along with Ashley Blake who was my assistant before I moved away. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Madison was 7 at the time of our wedding. She was as excited as I was. She and her best friend Laina were flower girls with wings.

This photo makes me so happy. My best friend Anne is on the right. She was very adamant about the fact that she had never cried at a wedding and she wasn't going to start at mine. Well let me tell you, she bawled her head off during the ceremony and then some more during her toast. I love her dearly. Her daughter Laina is next to her with the straight face. LeAnn and Denise are two of my most treasured friends. There are no words to express how I feel about them. Then there is my darling Madison on the left. Such a ham. My sweetie pie.
Can I just say that i have never seen a better "you may now kiss your bride". It was the best dip ever.

I love this shot. Everyone is doing their own thing, Steve's mom on the left, talking to Madison who is only interested in sucking on her necklace and my brother in law Paul on the right checking out a hang nail or somthing. We are just oblivious in our kiss.
Like I said before...I love long veils.

I secretly wish for every couple I shoot to really smash the cake. It's much more fun and makes way better photos. 98% of couples are very sweet in their approach today. Maybe I should offer a $250 print credit for insentive.
No explination needed

This was a shot from our honeymoon.
LOL! It's the Monterey Bay Aqarium!

So now we jump to today. I think we look 10 years younger. That's what love will do. :) We had plans to go out to a fabulous dinner at a surprise location...Steve had made reservations and our oldest daughter had insisted that she was ready to babysit for us. ( It's really been a big deal ) so we decided to give her a try and made sure the neighbors would be home incase of any emergency. We were really looking forward to a few hours to ourselves and we got dressed up and were about to walk out the door when Madison started to cry. Sweet girl. She was trying so hard to be brave but the truth was that when it came right down to us leaving, she got scared. She has watched Zoe before but never at night when it's dark and the thought was to much to handle. We brainstormed for about 5 minutes, struggling with our own disappointment, and then gave in. lol. Another night perhaps. We feel blessed anyway. Zoe started walking today and we have "Pirates of the caribean" to watch. Steve made his mom's fantastic pecan brittle and if I would just get off the computer, I could go celebrate 3 years of being married. I am blessed.


Jody said...

Happy Anniversary Shawna and Steve! I am so happy that I can say I witnessed that kiss and yes, it was pretty amazing!

Six Simms Singing said...

What a dashing couple! Are there no front shots of you two? Oh my, Steven's hair! You two look wonderful then and now! And, you are looking at each other in the shots...and rightfully so!

Congratulations! What a busy day!

Six Simms Singing said...

Man, I meant to say Happy Anniversary! I had Zoe's accomplishment on the brain...that and sleep...niiiight...zzzzz. :D


you go look 10 years younger! i love you guys. congratulations. sweet tiny madison babysitting. can you believe it? happy anniversary.

Sissy said...

awwww you look GREAT!! Happy Anniversary! ;)

Anonymous said...

You two ROCK!! Definitely looking better with time and LOVE.

Love: Sean, Monique and Sinjin

Steve said...

WOW Baby! All those pictures made me crack up and smile so much! The ceremony, the dress, the family, friends, Madison with wings, everything Terry said, the cake, the dip.... You are everything I wanted and more. I love you Sweetie.