December 30, 2007


We drove up to Suwannee to an indoor climbing gym got out some of the built up ya ya's. The kids had a blast.

They were using the chalk in this bag on the floor and after about 5 minutes this spyder monkey walked up to it and moved it. I didn't know it was his and i felt dumb about assuming. Duh
Spider monkey
monkey grom
papa monkey and 2 chimps
monkey in training
reading up on the latest monkey moves
Mini monkey boleys papa monkey ( not sure how to spell that word )


Six Simms Singing said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Your phone call? Totally happy for you guys! Can we say relief???

Shawna, our society needs whistleblowers, but with it is a big price. However, I would rather be that than super passive. I'm tired of living that way.

So proud of you! And hey, this climbing adventure is so reflective of going against odds! :D So fun! I'll have to search that one out!

We love you guys!

L & V :D

2008!!! A year of NEW BEGINNINGS! God bless you all!


i think you should have invited us....


where are you!???! i NEED an update:)