November 19, 2007


I am a David Crowder groupie. Well, as much as I can be with a busy married/mom life. I love his music and his love for Jesus. A bunch of us went to see him last Friday at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. It was awesome. Julie took her camera-camera and I opted out for my fuji point and shoot. She got awesome shots and I got so-so shots. I struggled with camera envy during the concert. Sometimes I have to just leave it at home so i can enjoy the time with my family and not worry about getting "the shot". We had a great time and DC was super entertaining.

Steve was growing his goatee out for the concert. I thought it was funny that he would mimic the DC look. I remember wanting to do the same when Madonna was all that. The whole lace, hundred bracelet, army boot thing. I think he looks hot with those CVS reader glasses too. Madison was frustrated that her parents dragged her into the "pit" so we could scream and yell and all she wanted to do was sit down and get something to drink. Poor girl. One day it will be reversed and she will be too young for us to keep up. Until then....we're gonna stay undignified.


Sissy said...

Hehe that is so awesome that you guys went to that! We are a bit of DC fans as well and would have been there if we could have been!! How fun! I have a whole NEW level of appreciation for you now! (Not that it wasn't way up there before!)

ron said...

A few months ago I added David Crowder to my itunes and it has been great...i love his style and lyrics.

Lucky you!

julieharnage said...

your shots are great too :D ... I am catching up on your blog, can you tell?