September 05, 2007


I am in love with this little girl. I met Emma Kate at a wedding a few months ago, well, I met her parents and they asked if I would come and do a shoot for their little darling. Oh, let me just say that I could have taken pictures of her all day. I stayed long enough for a little fun in her room, a bath, a snack, a ride in her wagon, catching some air with dad, a super quick nap with mom, ( cut way short by me...actually, the click of my camera ) a book reading and play time with a pet bunny. We ended it all by thinking outside the box and putting her in it.


Mom and Dad, get a kleenex.


Bradley Kirkland said...

Shawna, you are awesome! I keep looking over and over and over at these photos. I was worried since Emma Kate was not in her happiest mood, that the photos would only be so-so. I'm so glad that my worries were in vain. These are outstanding. I want them all!!

Thank you for being so fabulous to work with. Emma Kate was immediately at ease with you. She could play in her own element and she enjoyed interacting with you. Forget the weddings - child photography is your gift!

With deepest thanks,
Bradley (a very proud dad)

anna said...

i love that her left foot never quite hit the ground, just like zoe's a few posts back!

Alison Kirkland said...

Shawna, I am in complete awe! I have watched the slideshow over and over and over....and I cry every time! You have captured my little girl's sweetness, her personality, and her gift of blessing everyone in which she comes in contact! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that we have for all time!


Six Simms Singing said...

How precious! I could eat her cheeks! :D

I love her name. Emma was a name I considered and really wanted for Katie. And I love what Emma means! :D She's so sweet!

Jennifer Scott said...

These pictures are so great! My mom and I watched the slideshow and were amazed. When I have kids in a couple of years I definitly want to have pictures like these to have forever.

Cecilia DeAngelis said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Every single picture is "award-winning". . .no joke!!! I am speechless -- which doesn't happen often. I see Emma Kate at church and when she is "hanging out" with my neice Brittain, but I feel like I have gotten to know her so much more through these pictures. I just can't get over how every single shot is picture perfect. Shawna ~ you captured it all. Stellar work for sure. And Bradley & Alison ~ ohhhhhh, you must be glowing right about now!!
Love ya,

Bradley, the daddy said...

Here are email comments I've received from those who have seen EK's photos. None of them posted comments here, so I thought I was being selfish keeping them to myself!

“Ohh my goodness!! Those pictures are absolutely adorable.”

“Those pictures are so wonderful!!! I know you are so happy with how they turned out! How will you ever pick out which ones to buy??? They are all so good.”

“Those are wonderful! What a beautiful, sweet baby you have!“

“way too cute. they are great pictures!!!”


That truly WAS amazing (sometimes ya can't always TRUST a parent's adjectives) but that was AMAZING!“

“Bradley, these are beautiful. I know you will cherish these forever. She is so cute.“

“The photos were amazing! Thanks so much for sending me the slide show.”


“Those photos make me want to give her a call for a session with our "not-so-little-anymore-ones" as well. Great pics!”

“Oh, those are sooooooo cute!”

“These are WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing!”

“beautiful baby! beautiful slideshow! thanks for sharing.”

“OH MY!!! Those pictures are gorgeous. She did a great job!!“

“OMG!!!! The pictures are fabulous! I'm so glad you shared them.”

“Wow, those truly are amazing.”

“I finally got a chance to look at all these... and it was the sweetest thing i've ever seen!!! she is so photogenic!”

“She's so cuteeeee !! I think the photographer is excellent as well ... “

“Those photos are absolutely amazing. She is beautiful!”

“I have forwarded your kids photographs to many of my friends.. and they all would now want to have an album like that… probably more business could flow to your photographer :)”

“These photos are just awesome !! ...I had a look at the slides twice and enjoyed seeing the little one!! Hats off to the photographer.”

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Thank you so much for posting all of those comments, Bradley! It makes me so happy to know that so many people get to see them. As a business owner, it's important to know what works as far as advertising, and this is confirmation that slideshows are a tremendous tool in getting the word out about who I am.