January 03, 2007

I am now an "International Wedding Photographer!"

Sounds cool, doesn't it? I love my job. It is so much fun to be involved in weddings. It's even more fun to travel to new places and experience new things. My good friend Stacy lives in England and I had the great fortune of photographing her wedding. It was so beautiful. Her and Mark ( Conners, as his Brittish friends know him ) were married in a 12th century Abbey. The Master of Ceremonies announced the days events like they were royalty, ( I kept looking around for a guy to blow a long horn for everyone's attention.) It was like something out of romatic fairytale. Stacy was absolutely beautiful and her new husband was as charming as they get. Congratulations you two!
Here is your slideshow!

There were so many wonderful, surprising things about Leamington. My sister came with me to take care of Zoƫ, who basically slept through the entire trip, and we laughed at street signs and had mild heart attacks from driving on the wrong side of the street. We made friends with a retired military guy on a bus by asking him what a "humped pelican crossing" was. He said it is a place in the street for people to cross, it has a bump in the road and the poles are painted pink. So there you go. Humped pelican crossing... Of course!

We toured Warwik Castle on a rainy grey day. They had an ice skating rink in the middle of the grounds which seemed very out of place.

Did you know that even babies have to have passports? I think that this year, you will also need to have them to travel to Canada and Mexico. She is gaining frequent flyer miles already! You are never to young to gain some culture.


Cheatwoods said...

hahahha, i love that last picture, that would be a great big framed picture on the wall!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, look at you! Most of my family is over there in Ipswich. I'm trying to not be jealous. We looked at tickets for the whole family to go and let's just say that it will take a miracle or an act of God for us to go. It's kind of sad b/c my grandmother is getting old. :( Oh well...Lord willing one day. We just can't afford to cough up that much money.

Anyway, that was beautiful! You did an awesome job! And Zoe is absolutely gorgeous! So precious!

Love ya!

Oh hey! I'm ready! When and where should we do this thing? I guess I will just talk to you in person about this. :D

Steve Herring said...

Great job Baby! Did I ever tell you that you are the best photographer in the world? Well, just in case, YOU ARE THE BEST PHOTOGRAPER IN THE WORLD! And this is in addition to being the best mother, wife, and friend. I love you.