November 30, 2006

My favorite subject

Zoe had taken over our household. That's usually what happens when a new baby arrives, isn't it. Schedules change, everyone starts baby-talkin and we all fight over who gets to hold her next. She still sleeps a lot and doesn't mind getting passed around in the middle of her dreams. Even Roxy our cat wants to be next to her.

Now Roxy is not your usual cat. She is a gracious 25 pounds, which is about 2 1/2 times the size of Zoe. She has been on a diet for quite some time now...we may need to get her on the treadmill.
She's pretending to be camera shy.

How did we ever live without her?

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Cheatwoods said...

She is so pretty, btw, have u seen Ezekiel??