September 01, 2006

School is back in!

My schedule seems to have changed so much recently. It's not even me that is back in school so maybe it has something to do with being pregnant. I just really sense a shift in my perspective of what's important. My 9 year old is in 4th grade this year, she started back in public school and she was so excited! Within 2 weeks, that had changed tremendously. She was crying almost daily about wanting to stay home with me and Steve and I did our best to encourage her and investigate what was really going on. I was communicating with her teacher through emails and notes, asking for help and insight. Finally she broke down one day after school and I began to see the problem. It seemed to be that a certain number of girls in her class had a very ridicuculous obsession with boys and they were pressuring her to pass notes for them during lunch. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal but my daughter knew that note passing could get her in trouble. So I went to have lunch with her and meet her classmates and for 35 minutes I sat and listened to the conversations among the girls. I have to say, I felt like I was from the dark ages. I was shocked at the things i was hearing. These are 9 year olds! Were their parents aware that they were consumed with these thoughts? I heard kids say things that broke my heart and made me wonder if they had any supervision at all, or if the TV, internet, came cube's, music and older siblings were their only source of boundaries. I felt so bad! What is going on today? Kids are exposed to more garbage and ugly influences today than ever before. Parents are leaving it up to the teachers and the media to raise their kids. Well guess what? Teachers arent allowed to teach morals and get 'personal' these days for fear of offending someone and the media is a huge, slimy pit. I'm telling ya, ( yes I'm venting ) we are losing an entire generation to a self-centered, rebellious, everything- is- relative world. Now I know that this is not everyone, I know there are great parents out there that really do believe in the commitment of investing for thier kids future ( I don't mean money )so don't write me nasty emails saying that I am negative or prejudice or trying to shelter my child. I'm just wondering what it's going to take for society to wake up and raise their standards, kill the TV, and make a decision to love and be generous to one another, and stand up for this generation.

I realize that this is my business blog but it is also more about reality and the things that I am passionate about. So I am asking you to make a commitment to a child, whether it's your own, or someone else's, to be a good example. Don't be a parent that says " Do as I say, not as I do" , it doesn't work that way! Kids need good examples! They need to be taught what is right and wrong and they learn by watching what you do. We need to be examples of compassion and kindness, forgiveness and generosity, love and commitment. So shut your TV off for a week ( or more!) and spend time with your kids. Make a decision to model good character and moral ethics. Decide to stand up for something greater than your own level of convienience. Did you know that only 4 % of the youth under the age of 18 believes in God? The one who created them! The one who gives them hope and a future. That means that 96% of kids are looking for something in the world that gives them identity. something that gives them purpose, Gives them value. Doesn't that scare you? When I look around at what the world has to offer for identity, it scares me. Did you know that the largest consumer group of pornography viewers are between the ages of 12-17? There are 68 million search engine request for these sites every day. Do you personally know kids that are on the internet daily with no supervision? We've gotta say something. Do something. Is anyone bothered by the lyrics in music these days? They are playing it on the bus on the way to school with 5 and 6 year olds! We've gotta stop thinking that someone else is responsible for bringing up this generation. You are respnosible for your circle of influence, and I bet there are children watching what you do.

I wish I could say that I feel better after writing all this but I don't. The issue is still there. We need to make a difference. Will you agree to try? Revolution begins with one. You can make a difference.

This is my reminder everyday. I thank God for her. She makes me want to be a better person.


Cheatwoods said...

wow, she is getting so pretty!!

Cheatwoods said...

I wrote that totally forgetting about what you wrote (Placenta brain!) It must be terrifying to hear things like that from the girls in your daughters class. Ir emember talking that way, but I had no moral upbringing from my mom so it was normal for me. I am so proud of Maddy for being honest with you and not wanting to participate in that! That is amazing Shawna, you are a good Mom!