September 05, 2006

My Husband is a True Notre Dame fan!

That's only the beginning. His dad and both brothers are just as loyal. We all went (including wives) to the first game of the season which happened to be against Georgia Tech. I had no idea how strange it would feel to be cheering for the visitors team when it's in your own hometown. We were the minority for sure! It was my first experience at a college football game and I certainly learned a lot.
1. It stinks, really bad. It was an awful mixture of humidity, sweat, alcohol, gas, hotdogs and more gas. I'm serious. It was like a stinky men's locker room.
2. It's easier to watch it on the TV.
3. Everyone stands up the enitire time, unless there is a timeout.
4. Painting your husbands head like a helmet will bring lots of people to you asking to take their picture with him. Most of them were interesting people themselves.

I'm really glad that my sister in laws went too, we had a great time despite my ankles swelling up so bad that if you pushed on them, it left a dent. My husband wanted to paint my belly gold with a big ND on it, we would have been quite the pair. It was really entertaining just people watching. Being in college is certainly a time unlike any other. Good fun.
Oh ya, and Notre Dame won so my husband was extra happy

Madison loved the idea, until it dried and then spent the evening picking it off.

Another true green my husband props for his head.


Anonymous said...

haha!! What some people will do for attention!

chelsea said...

shawna. i pretty much love you to death.
-chelsea parker

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Go Stevo! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawna!!
Reading this post almost felt like reading my own journal...minus the "husband" part. Adam is a huuuge Notre Dame fan and we were at the Tech vs. ND game with his whole family, which was my first football game experience also! Were the Tech fans fiesty or what! I left that place disliking Georgia Tech a little bit.
Go Irish!

Elica Mori